5 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime, which was just crowned the best streaming service for movies by PC Mag, has a fantastic variety of Korean films.

The Korean Wave, or Hallyu, is a term that combines two basic words: han (meaning “Korean”) and ryu (meaning “flow” or “wave”) to describe the global rise of Korean entertainment. Any Prime member looking for Korean film magic will find a treasure mine of Hallyu films.


1. Memories of Murder (2003)

“Memories of Murder,” directed by Bong Joon Ho, is only his second feature picture, yet it is truly remarkable. Memories chronicles the story of a series of brutal murders in South Korea and the detectives’ desperate but tragically unsuccessful attempts to uncover the killer.


This visually stunning film contains so many traditional Korean nuances that you might want to see it twice. Strong performances from the great cast, which includes Song Kang Ho from “Parasite,” provide some very thrilling moments. This picture has been famously tough to find in the United States since its premiere, so catch it on Amazon Prime before it’s gone.


2. The King (2017)

This film may remind you of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but from a uniquely Korean perspective. Wealth, power, corruption, and debauchery are all important to “The King.” And you’ll be both enraged and intrigued as the story unfolds. There is plenty of humour to keep you engaged while educating you on the power dynamics that make Korean prosecutors possibly the most dangerous people in Korea.


3. World of Us (2016)

Sun and Jia, two childhood friends, go through the ups and downs of adolescence in this award-winning coming-of-age story. Sun is a transfer student who befriends Jia and develops a close friendship with her. Sun, on the other hand, finds her friendship tested as she is bullied by people around her.


4. The Handmaiden (2016)

This suspense story with a R rating is not for the faint of heart. “The Handmaiden,” a breathtakingly stunning work of cinematography set during the Japanese rule of Korea, is a story of love and betrayal. This Korean film features Kim Tae-ri in a role that may surprise many fans who remember her as the prudish and proper Aegi-ssi from “Mr. Sunshine.”


5.Little Forest (2018)


This little gem by Yim Soon-rye, a South Korean director, will have you wishing for the simple existence you never realised you desired. “Little Forest” is a lovely and modest celebration of traditional Korean food, friendship, and family about a young woman (Aegi ssi, for “Mr. Sunshine” lovers!) who returns to her childhood agricultural hamlet and discovers what makes her truly happy.

The beautiful farm-to-table culinary sequences will make you question why you aren’t drying your own persimmons.