7 of Japan’s Most Beautiful and Popular Actresses

1. Kasumi Arimura


On February 13, 1993, Kasumi Arimura was born. Amachan, Strobe Edge, Flying Colors, and Rurouni Kenshin are among the works of this stunning young lady. She’s a decent actress from her generation. Her charming features immediately identifies her as a younger version of Nagasawa Masami.


2. Hikari Mitsushima

Hikari was born on November 30, 1985. She is a singer and actress from Japan. She rose to prominence as a pop singer before moving on to acting in films. She began her music career as an idol singer in 1997. She made her acting debut in Rebirth of Mothra II the same year. She is most recognised for her roles in the manga-based thriller Death Note (2006) and Sion Sono’s well-received comedy-drama/art flick Love Exposure (2008). Her work in the latter attracted critical acclaim and earned her several accolades.


3. Nanao Arai

On October 28, 1988, Nanao Arai was born. She is a model and actress from Japan who works for Platinum Production. She began her career as a model and race queen in the magazine in 2009. She was a fashion model for Non-no and won Miss TGC of Tokyo Girls Collection and the 2010 Sanai Mizugi Image Girl. She was hired as an exclusive model for the magazine Ginger in 2011. Nanao’s activities earned her the title of tarento. She has appeared in a number of fashion periodicals, television advertisements, dramas, and variety show, and has developed a wide range of stage activities.


4. Mikako Tabe

On January 25, 1989, Mikako Tabe was born. She began her career after obtaining a role in the Sailor Moon musicals, and she has since grown into a leading actress in film and television, appearing in TV comedy series such as Yasuko to Kenji and Deka Wanko, and acting in films such as Kimi ni Todoke and Piece of Cake.


5. Marie Iitoyo

On January 5, 1998, Marie Iitoyo was born. She is a model and actor in the fashion industry. Her roles in Mars: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru, Kyo no Kira-kun, and Ankoku Joshi are her most well-known. Iitoyo is now an exclusive model for Oggi, a Japanese publication. She also played Megumi Nishidome in the 2018 drama Hana Nochi Hare.


6. Yuna Taira

On November 12, 1998, Yuna Taira was born. Her mother and grandma applied for her to participate in the film I Wish when she was in sixth grade at primary school. She passed the audition and made her acting debut. In 2011, she was a regular on NHK Educational Television’s R no Hsoku.


7. Sayaka Isoyama

On October 23, 1983, Sayaka Isoyama was born. Her talent agency, Hori Agency, represents her as a Japanese gravure idol, performer, actress, and sports writer. Isoyama attended Hokota Second High School in Ibaraki Prefecture.