Aditi Rao Hydari: “For me it is important to work with people who I can respect and learn from”

Switching between industries as an actress is something Aditi Rao Hydari may be good at. Notwithstanding, the entertainer actress who juggles Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi projects is very selective with regards to working with filmmakers.

Regarding the sort of individuals she likes to work with, Aditi says, “For me it is important to work with people who I can respect and learn from. Also, I like to team up with filmmakers who will challenge me as an actor. Usually, when I am in an environment like this, it is when I enjoy working.”

She also adds, “Sometimes when you work with a particular set of people then that team becomes your family. You keep in touch over the years and work with them again and again. Then there are times when you work with a certain team, you enjoy the experience of working with them and move on to the next one. In my case, luckily, I have gotten an opportunity to work with a lot of incredible people again and again. The idea is that I like to learn something new from them and the project.”

Inquire as to whether working with same set of individuals again and again leaves her with very limited experience or lose out on other incredible projects and she says, “I may have lost out on some big projects. But then the projects that I have let go of instinctively haven’t done so well. So, I have been lucky on that front.”