Ahan Shetty opens up on wedding rumours: “It’s not fair but you can’t control these things”

A couple of days back, mills rumours were abuzz that actor Ahan Shetty is good to go to get married with his girlfriend, fashion designer and influencer, Tania Shroff this year. However, Shetty tells to us that there’s no truth to the story. Right now, my main focus is my work, and I’m working towards my second film. When I feel like I need to say something about my personal life, I’m not going to hide it,” he shares.

Quiz him if news headlines about his love life bother him and he genuinely says, “No, because it’s something I brought into light. I don’t hide anything from anyone; I’ve been very honest. Having said that, sometimes, it’s not fair that such articles come out, but you can’t really control that.”

However, the 26-year-old actor rushes to add that speculative news items have never affected his equation with Shroff. “We know and understand each other and what we mean to each other. If a third person says something and that affects us, then we’ve to question the relationship, which we never have. We’re very comfortable with one another. Communication, I believe, is the most important aspect in a relationship,” he explains.