Avneet Kaur speaks up on the perks of starting out young

Actor Avneet Kaur, who started her career with a dance reality show at the age of eight, believes that starting out at a young age “was of huge advantage”. She tells us, “I’ve been working for 12 years and it has shaped me to become the person I’m today. Being a child actor has given me a lot of information about this field which I wouldn’t have had I started right now.”

Avneet spent the first few years of her career doing television soaps like Meri Maa and Hamari Sister Didi, among others. On being questioned about if she worries about missing out on her teenage years she says, “I wouldn’t want to change anything.”

And she asserts that her parents weren’t apprehensive of her being exposed to the glitz and glamour of the show business so early on either. “At that point of time, my parents thought that nobody of my age was doing what I was doing. It made me stand away from the crowd. We took the opportunity to our stride and they allowed me to do what my heart says,” the 20-year-old elaborates.