Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan allows Bharti Singh to use his farmhouse for baby shower and promises to ‘launch’ her child too

Salman Khan has guaranteed Bharti Singh that he will launch her child in the film industry. Bharti and her significant other Harsh Limbachiyaa showed up on Bigg Boss 15 on Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan.

Harsh and Bharti let Salman know that they are expecting their child, before the finale of the talent-hunt show Hunarbaaz. Salman congratulated them and then Bharti said, “Yes sir, we need all the blessings and best wishes. Also, we will need your farmhouse sir, for my baby shower. Will you please give me the space?”

Salman giggled as he agreed. Bharti told Harsh,  “See! I had told you. He will eat the sweets and agreed to it all. He agrees for small things.” Harsh said, “We need to launch our child, Karan Johar has refused to do so.”

Bharti then, at that point, turned to Salman and asked, “Sir, Karan Johar refused on our face. We asked him if he would launch our child but he straight away said ‘no’. That is why we are approaching you now. Will you launch our child?” Salman laughed and said, “Of course, I will launch your child.”

Bharti then, at that point, faced the camera and said, “So, it is final. Salman Khan will launch Bharti and Harsh’s child.”