Bigg Boss OTT: Here’s looking at Shamita Shetty’s journey so far; Full of heartbreaks, fights, hugs and kisses

Shamita's journey was not easy. As the show is its finale week, let's take a look into Shamita's journey.


Shamita Shetty is the most talked-about contestant in the Bigg Boss OTT house. Be it for her relationship with Raqesh Bapat, friendship with Neha Bhasin or enmity with Divya Agarwal, the actress has gone through a roller coaster ride. As the reality show is in its finale week, let’s take a look into Shamita’s journey.


#1 “Ek baar jo maine commitment kardi toh phir main apni aap ki bhi nahi sunti”

Shamita’s entry into Bigg Boss had surprised everyone. She looked ravishing in a red gown. Also, she revealed that she had committed to doing the show way before her brother-in-law Raj Kundra was arrested in the alleged porn case.

#2 ShaRa

In the premiere episode, Shamita chose Raqesh Bapat as her connection. Their connection in no time became very strong and it looked like their friendship turning into love.

#3 Shamita and Neha

Shamita and Neha looked like BFFs. The two were seen discussing their ups and downs. They even discussed their feelings for Raqesh and Pratik. They always supported each other and there was hardly a moment of disagreement between them. Shamita was also seen opening up to her and her past like never before.

#4 Shamita and Divya

Since day 1, Shamita didn’t get well with Divya. There are a number of times she has said that she has ‘trust issues’ with Divya, and Divya has complained of Shamita being ‘bossy’. Divya’s presence in the house and her closeness with Raqesh also disturbed her.

#5 Hugs and Kisses

They had their arguments but something which made us believe in ‘ShaRa’ was the hugs and kisses shared between the duo. To Neha, Shamita had once confessed, ‘I like him’. Looks like Bigg Boss paired up a genuine couple in the house.

#6 The Fights

Shamita’s fight with Raqesh always made the fans upset. She has often accused him of taking a stand for Divya and not standing up for her. She became insecure when Divya’s lipstick fell out of Raqesh’s pocket. She even told Neha that she is sure Raqesh has a soft spot for Divya.

#7 The side Of Shamita that has our heart

This side of Shamita has our heart. She spoke about her first boyfriend who passed away in a car accident. In one of the episodes, she also told Raqesh, “All the relationships that I had been in, none of the men made me feel good about myself. I have gone into self-preservation mode to protect myself.” She even revealed that she now wants to get married and have babies.

#8 Shamita- Shilpa Shetty’s sister

Shamita was out there and wanted to create her own image. In one of the Weekend Ka Vaar’s, she told Karan, “I have had a very difficult journey of 20-25 years in the industry, I am more confident as a person now. People know me as Shamita ‘Shetty’, Shilpa’s sister. It’s a protective shadow, I am lucky to have that, but people don’t know the real me.”