Bigg Boss OTT, September 11: Neha Bhasin mocks Raqesh for his changing stance and gameplay while Shamita expects him to open up

This year, the Bigg Boss house seems to be on fire, as the contestants get involved in frequent dramas and controversial brawls, engaging in violent feuds and heated discussions, be it a part of their gameplay or winning strategy, or simply throwing a dig at rivals.

With it’s OTT version being in full swing during it’s very first season already, we get to witness changing emotions and equations between the housemates, especially after the tables have turned, and all the contestants have gone solo, breaking free from their connections and the previous theme of ‘#stayconnected’.

What deemed to be today’s highlight of the show, was the silent conversation between newly formed alliance, Divya Agarwal and Muskan Jattana, as they take forward their discussion by jotting down their thoughts on a white board as instructed by Bigg Boss.

Neha Bhasin trys to mock her best friend, Raqesh Bapat, by taking a dig at his sly and silent gameplay, and talks about his changing stance and behaviour towards his own people, leaving the latter petrified and aghast, who then justifies that he never ever had a stance on the show.

Seeing him frustrated, Raqesh’s connection, Shamita Shetty tries to comfort him and urges him to let go of his thoughts that he’s been clinging upto since a very long time, and loosen himself up to her. She expects him to be more open and clarify what bothers him and consumes him from deep within.

Shamita also breaks down while revealing a past tragedy, when she lost her first boyfriend in a car accident at the mere age of 18. She wants Raqesh to have her back and stand by her, the way she does for him against Pratik Sehajpal and even her own friend, Neha.