Dior hosts runway show in South Korea for the first time

Dior, who has hosted the fashion show for the very first time on Saturday, presenting its latest collection to a star-studded audience in Seoul.

The prestigious Ewha Woman University was transformed into a runway by the French fashion giant, who sent skateboarders down a steep centre ramp before models came in waves of yellow plaid, sheer tulle, and pleated outerwear. As part of its Women Dior mentorship and education initiative, the brand is also collaborating with the university.

Jisoo of Blackpink, who has been a worldwide ambassador for Dior since last year, was among the celebs in attendance. Various other celebrities attended the event, including figure skater Kim Yuna and Korean American rapper Jay Park.

The presentation underscores South Korea’s growing relevance to the French fashion company, which branded the event as “unprecedented” over the weekend. Pietro Beccari, chairman and CEO of Christian Dior Couture, stated in a statement prior to the presentation that the label is “forging new powerful relationships” with the country.

On Sunday, shortly after the show, the label opened a sizable new concept store in the capital’s trendy Seongsu-dong neighbourhood. Inspired by the brand’s Paris headquarters, the sprawling open-air boutique features a garden and lounge, with furniture by various Korean designers.