Female K-Drama Characters Have Been Total Bosses 5 Times



1. Jeon-Seol as The Sniper – Chicago Typewriter

Jeol- (Im Seol’s Soo-Jung) strong character was immediately established in the time travel K-drama Chicago Typewriter from the very first episode. A fan is attempting to kill Han Se-Joo (Yoo Ah-In) in the present day since his book has ruined his life. During a blackout, however, the fan is held at gunpoint by Jeol-Seol.


The play established Jeol-Seol as a resilient and proficient marksman, which made this scene so powerful. She even chastises the fan, claiming that he is to blame for his own demise. As scenes from previous timelines parallel each other to portray Jeon-existence Seol’s as “The Legendary Sniper,” fans become deeply immersed in the series.

2. Kang Soo-Jin Taking on The Pervert on The Bus – True Beauty

While Kang Soo-Jin (Park Yoo-Na) grew to loathe her as True Beauty progressed, everyone can agree that she was admired at first for her robust and “no-nonsense” demeanour. The best example of this is when she notices a young man on the bus filming her companion.

Soo-Jin instils terror in the young man like any good friend, but that’s not all. What made her character stand out was when she chased the young man out of the bus and onto the street, determined to apprehend him. She throws her backpack at him as well. The scene demonstrated Soo-morality Jin’s and her willingness to go to any length for the sake of her friend.

3. Jo Yi-Seo and The Failed Kiss – Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is one of the most popular Korean dramas on Netflix, and with good reason. Fans like Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-Mi), the female lead character, because she isn’t a princess and can hold her own. They’re also impressed when she decides to intervene in Park Sae-Ro-(Park Yi’s Seo-Joon) love life on her own.

Yi-Seo has feelings for Sae-Ro-Yi, but he does not return her feelings. But that doesn’t stop her from swooping in for a kiss when she sees his crush. Before they meet, Yi-Seo places her palm between their lips and pushes Yi-Seo away. It takes a lot of bravery and guts to do what Yi-Seo did.

4. Yoon Song-Ah’s Breakup – She Would Never Know

Yoon Song-(Won Ah’s Jin-A) character goes through one of the most prevalent K-drama tropes: a bad breakup. She is forced to discover that her long-term boyfriend/boss is lying and intends to marry someone else in She Would Never Know. But it’s how Song-Ah handles it and her decision to break up with her boyfriend that makes her a powerful boss character.

5. When Yoon Se-Ri Hires Thugs – Crash Landing on You

Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) was a powerful character from the beginning, not just for surviving after crashing in North Korea by accident, but also for maintaining her ground and proving those who wished her death incorrect. There are numerous situations in Crash Landing on You that highlight Se-strong Ri’s nature.

Her scene in episode 12 is considered an iconic moment for the character by many fans. Se-Ri and her two employees travel to Chinatown to hire local thugs in exchange for information. What makes it so powerful is that Se-Ri wears her previous difficulties in North Korea as a badge of honour, believing she can handle anything.