For Your Next KTV Party, Here Are the Top 5 Chinese Songs of All Time


1. Elva Hsiao’s “My Exciting Solitary Life”

Elva Hsiao is a Taiwanese pop singer who rose to stardom after winning a singing competition in 1998. She has released a string of successful albums, each with catchy tunes like this one. I used to call this the (tóuf shui shui) song when I was a kid.


2. Teresa Teng’s “The Moon Represents My Heart”

Teresa Teng’s music, which changed the Chinese pop culture landscape in the 1970s and 1980s, is still covered by artists today. “The Moon Represents My Heart,” a true Taiwanese cultural landmark, is one of the few songs you can sing along to with your Chinese and Taiwanese friends.


3. Hebe Tien’s “A Little Luck”

The theme song for the popular 2015 romantic film (w de shàon shdài), or “Our Times” in English, is “A Little Luck.” It’s the highest-grossing Taiwanese picture in China, so you can be sure your Chinese friends have heard of it.


4. Li Guyi’s “Tonight Is Unforgettable”

Put this song on the playlist to genuinely wow your patriotic friends and get everyone to sing along. It’s a folk song that serves as an unofficial anthem for Chinese New Year, as it’s frequently performed throughout the yearly festivities. So don’t be surprised if folks join you in standing when this begins to play.


5. Cyndi Chao’s “The Most Romantic Thing”

Despite the fact that the lyrics do not contain the word “love,” this song by Taiwanese actress and singer Cyndi Chao is regarded one of the best Chinese love ballads.