Ghazal Alagh says some businesses she invested in on Shark Tank had bad ratings

Mamaearth co-founder Ghazal Alagh has uncovered that numerous businesses that she invested in on Shark Tank India, ended to have bad products. In a new interview, Ghazal spoke about her experience of making business commitments on national television.

In an interview with Raj Shamani, who hosts YouTube talk show Figuring Out, Ghazal said, “On the show, you commit and make a deal with that person, until there is no major disconnect in what they have claimed, the deal stays as you have committed on national television. There have been deals where you have loved their products, but then you went home and checked those products on Amazon, you go like, ‘Oh my God! What do you do now?’ but you can’t then go back, right? Because the data that they shared was correct, now products don’t have a good rating, then it is your problem. So stuff like that has also happened.”

She added, “With the amount of promises we have done on the show in terms of helping everybody to take their brand forward, scale and everything, that’s what you do, invest time and tell them what to do.”