Have a look at Jeon Jungkook’s Top 10 fashion goals of all times

The star celebrated his 24th birthday on September 1.

The Golden Maknae’s turned 24 on September 1 and fans crossed every mile possible to wish the BTS singer.

Jungkook literally aces at everything. Brilliant dancer, owner of an angelical, versatile, and powerful voice, an eye for film and photography and a passion for impressions, good at drawing, bowling, archery, video-editing, songwriting… and the list could go on and on.

He knows how to steal the spotlight with his iconic fashion statement. He’s very experimental and has served us with wonderful fashion looks.

Here are his Top 10 classiest fashion moments of all times.


#1 Pastel pink

He just aces the look with pink denim. Well, denim is now not a questionable feature anymore and he has proven it.

#2 All black look 

He makes it look so easy and makes the designer’s work even more worthy. Here he rocks a leather harness, the chains, the red hair, the silk shirt, the leather pants, the sheer sleeves.

#3 The Airport look

Every single piece of this outfit sold out after JK showed up at the airport wearing them. He’s the king of layering and monochromes. It’s the layering that steals the attention.

#4 Black and White never goes wrong

This outfit is so powerful in its minimal which in a way defines the person he’s grown to be.

#5 Ethereal White 

He looks ethereal here, in fact, a God. It’s not a risky outfit because he has clearly donned the look with elements like pearls, fringe, heels, ruffles, buckles, and a sheer cape.

#6 It’s the summer vibe

Here Jungkook is serving us a playful look. He is displaying us a lot more colors and prints. Isn’t that great!

#7 The black leather jacket guy 

Again here Jungkook has layered and it looks so classy. He’s seen wearing a leather jacket with a peeking shirt and torn jeans.

#8 Cute with yellow converse 

He looks adorable and cute here. The overall polo-shirt-round-glasses combo is just beautiful, and when you add the yellow converse it completes the look.

#9 Here comes the Chanel Boy

Chanel should have a look at this! He’s so simple yet the look is empowering. The Chanel pin, the studded belt, the diamond-covered cuffs, the ombre hair just blends in perfectly.

#10 We miss this

Not an actual outfit but something that will always be in our lookbook. He just donned the look by his locks.