“I put on weight to become Bob Biswas, I became between 100-105 kilos during the shoot”: Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan has been acquiring a ton of praise for his role in his forthcoming film Bob Biswas. The actor is seen with chubby cheeks and a paunch in the film’s trailer. He has now talked about gaining extra kilos and being left with it when the film’s shoot stopped because of lockdown.

He told India Today in an interview, “I mean to put on the weight obviously shooting in Kolkata in winter when you can have Gud Sandesh and all the wonderful sweet food that Kolkata has, but mentally I got stuck because we had to shut down our shoot halfway through because of the lockdown and we were about 80 per cent complete. And, we had another 10-15 days of work left. Throughout the lockdown, I had to maintain that weight. That was tough.”

The actor tried using prosthetics at the behest director Diya Ghosh and her dad Sujoy Ghosh however decided against it. He said, “I became between 100-105 kilos during the shoot. And if you see Bob’s face, the face changes when it is round and his cheeks fill up. When you do prosthetics on the cheeks it looks like a prosthetic. So, the stomach moves in a different way. When you have that weight and you are physically carrying that weight your entire performance changes because your body language changes your weight, your movement, your walk, your run, everything changes.”