Insights into Chinese martial arts

Martial arts can be different. We used to argue with our friends about which martial art is better. Whether it is boxing or karate or something else. We are going to talk here about the sport that makes our life better, not when the sport has become our profession and routine. Is everything about adrenaline when it comes to martial arts? You can taste adrenaline just by gambling at the casino online but the effect will be different.

We would like to share some of our thoughts about qigong.


Qigong is a Chinese gymnastics that is very popular along with other Eastern practices. Being engaged in such a system, you can get rid of depression, improve your well-being and improve your health. In addition to exercises, the complex includes a meditative practice aimed at managing the internal energy of Qi.

A peculiar basis of Qigong is the health-improving gymnastics of ancient Chinese people’s medicine. This direction was formed under the influence of various religions, up to Confucianism. But over time, the philosophical component faded into the background and the Qigong system began to be used more for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Each workout is a specific set of exercises and breathing practice. All this is complemented by meditation, which helps to relax all the muscles of the body, calm down, relieve psycho-emotional stress and improve mood.


Some people think that qigong is not as useful as it is described. Though it takes a little practice to feel such positive changes. You can feel the normalization of your pressure with the restoration of blood circulation. Your emotional stance will improve and your stress will disappear. It also helps with the increase of working capacity and concentration of your attention in your normal life.

Qigong is similar to yoga but it has its difference in accessibility. Despite a similar effect, some actions require special flexibility and mobility of the joints. People can do Chinese gymnastics without stretching.

The Effects

First of all, by doing such a program, you can keep yourself in good physical shape and reduce the likelihood of exacerbation of chronic diseases. During the lesson, squats, the body turns and arm raises are performed. Movements are aimed at aligning and stretching the spine. And tilting from side to side contributes to the development of flexibility of the back muscles.

Qigong is a gentle warming up of the body. Not everyone knows that by performing exercises in this state, you can achieve the maximum effect without large power loads.

In conclusion, we would like to notice that all sports have an amazing effect on our body. It is up to you what to choose!