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International thriller movies that are a must watch


Thriller is a genre loved by almost everyone. It evokes a different kind of feeling, making you want to watch more and more of it.

So, during this COVID period, when you are at home, here’s a list of some of the best international thrillers that you should definitely watch.

Confessions/Kokuhaku – Japan (2010)

Based on the Japanese book of the same name, this thriller is in the form of flashbacks. It revolves around the death of a four-year-old who dies in the school’s swimming pool and how his mother wants to take revenge on the two kids who she believes are responsible for the crime.

The Skin I Live In – Spain (2011)

The story of sexual melodrama, identity crisis, betrayal, and revenge, with a mix of horror and sci-fi, this film is true suspense.

Memories Of Murder/Sarinui Chueok – South Korea (2003)

This film is even more chilling when you know that it is based on the true-life story of South Kora’s first serial murder. The film does wonders in delivering the complexities of this case.

The Secret In Their Eyes/El Secreto De Sus Ojos – Spain (2009)

The story of this one revolves around a retired prosecutor who starts writing his first novel. This novel is based on a murder he investigated years ago. This film is a must-watch.

Oldboy/Oldeuboi – South Korea (2003)

The film is about a man who is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years. He has no clue about his kidnappers or the reason behind his imprisonment. The film is an absolute must-watch and should be at number one on your list.