Konkona Sen Sharma all set to make her digital debut with ‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11’ alongside Mohit Raina

The actress will be seen playing a character called Chitra Das who is a social service director in the government hospital. 

Konkana Sen Sharma is seen working in Bollywood and Bengali films. She is a writer, actress, director and now she is going to make her debut on a digital platform with the web series called Mumbai Diaries 26/11.

On talking with SPOTBOYE, the actress gave her fans an insight into the web series and the character that she is playing. When asked what intrigued her so much that she chose to play the character the Wake-Up Sid actress said, “I had not done a web series before. So I wanted to do some and I’ve been getting offers but I have not been really connected with the material. Also, I know Nikkhil Advani from before and wanted to work together with him. When he sent me the script I knew that I had faith in his sensibility and knew that he would do a good job of depicting this real event with ceratin respect and dignity that it deserves. When the script came it was such a fat script because you know it is 8 episodes which is three times a movie. I found it very easy to read it was kind of a page-turner.”

She further continued, “It was written almost like a thriller the events were unfolding in real-time. Here we have used 26/11 as the backdrop so it’s like fictionalize kind of a setup. The action is based inside of a hospital mainly and partly in the hotel. So you could really see a very different perspective of the medical community, of the frontline workers and how they’re dealing with all these events and folding what the challenges are. So you have the doctors, nurses, ward boys, the hospital administrators staff their own challenges, personal journeys, the challenges of working hospital, etc.  These kinds of things it was quite interesting and is one of the first medical drama so that’s why I was very happy to take up this project.”

She even cleared our doubts on how much of the show is fictionalised as the web series is based on true events. To this, she replied, “So I would say it is largely kind of sticking to real events that there have been some minor changes,  exact details Nikkhil would be a better position to answer. The terrorist had entered Cama Hospital I believe for half an hour or one hour or something like that, here also we have shown mid-season that they do enter the hospital.  We have shown it for three-four hours instead of just half-hour. So there have been some tweaks like that but largely it’s based on real events.”

The 41-year-old actress will be seen playing a character called Chitra Das who is a social service director in the government hospital.