Lata Mangeshkar still in ICU, doctors note slight improvement

Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar was as of late to the ICU of Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital after she tested positive for COVID-19. Her doctor Pratit Samdani uncovered on Thursday that her health has improved a bit. . “Singer Lata Mangeshkar is still in the ICU ward but there has been a slight improvement in her health,” Dr Pratit Samdani told ANI.

ETimes had discovered that the celebrated singer was also diagnosed with pneumonia. As per reports, Lata Mangeshkar’s health will be observed in the ICU for 10-12 days. While she is going through treatment for COVID-19 and pneumonia infections, the singer has not been put on oxygen support.

ETimes had a chat with Lataji’s younger sister, Usha Mangeshkar and she had shared that the 92-year-old singer may not be discharged soon. “We cannot go to see Didi as it is a COVID case. There are sufficient doctors and nurses there, though. The doctors have said that they would keep her for an extra day or two because of her age.”