Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi says ‘I did not leave Sangram Singh and come here to cook’

Thursday’s episode of the ongoing reality show Lock Upp showed new conflicts between the contestants as they fought for the ticket to finale. After many fights and altercations, Shivam Sharma emerged as the first finalist of Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp.

Before he could start with the arena task, Karan Kundrra gave Munawar Faruqui and Shivam some time to display their talent in shayari (poetry). Karan then said, “Aapne to mushaiyara shuru kar diya. Yaha saanp, bahar Naagin. Mai kya karu?” Karan was referring to his girlfriend Tejasswi Prakash who plays the lead role in the ongoing fantasy show Naagin.

In the episode, Munawar Faruqui was also seen telling everyone that he was hurt because Anjali Arora and Saisha Shinde together conspired against him in the game. Both Anjali and Saisha apologised to him, reasoning that they did not intend to hurt him and were simply playing their game. However, Munawar told them they backstabbed him and he could not take it in any other way.

Anjali and Saisha were in the kitchen when Saisha said that she would no longer care for feelings and relationships because Munawar does not want to understand despite their apologies. “I am done with both of you. I will now play my game and there are no friendships for me here anymore,” she said. Anjali agreed with her and said, “Itna bada scene create kiya, itna bhi kuch nahi tha na.” Later, when Prince tried to pacify the matter and sat with Saisha, Anjali and Munawar together, Munawar started crying and said he had always protected Saisha and Anjali but never expected them to backstab him.

Sitting alone with him, Anjali told Munawar that she was sorry for backstabbing him, but not for playing against him. However, he said it was all the same and asked her to say sorry for everything. After she did, he told her that he was still hurt. Anjali urged him to not let the game affect their friendship but he kept repeating that she ditched him.

Urging Prince to help get Munawar out of the race to the finale, Payal Rohatgi began crying and said, “Game ke liye Payal se aur Babita Phogat ko kuch bhi bol sakta hai lekin (He could say all kinds of things to me and Babita in the game) he won’t accept his own defeat. Please do not kick me out like this. Aise hi Sangram ko chor k nahi aayi hu yaha khane banane k liye. Ye log finale me jane k liye khel rahe hain, mujhe show jeetna hai.”

Soon after Shivam was announced as the first finalist of the show, Munawar walked up to Anjali and told her, “You were the only person who could have had me out of the race to the finale. I am still angry at you.”