Mohit Raina on playing a doctor in ‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11’: “Emotionally, it was very draining”

The actor is being applauded for his work in Amazon Prime Video's original series -'Mumbai Diaries 26/11.' 

The Devon Ke Dev … Mahadev star, Mohit Raina has tried his hands on different platforms like films, television and web series. He has proved his versatility time and again and currently the actor is being appreciated for his acting power-packed performance as a Government doctor in Amazon Prime Video’s original series -‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11.’

He talked about the response he is getting to the series with SPOTBOYE. Mohit shared, “It is really overwhelming. As an actor what you want at the end of the day, you want your work to be recognized. As an actor you are always greedy to experiment, you want to get in different shoes. All actors say we don’t really care about the outcome but in their hearts, they all want to know how the response is. So, my character in Mumbai Diaries had a lot of layers, it had a very thin line. It could have sounded very irritating, or he could have come across as egoistic, rude or shrewd but I think there was a thin line that we have been able to maintain now when I read the comments and response. So, it’s very satisfying and reassuring.”

On the challenges he faced for the role in the series he said, “It was very challenging to play such a role. Emotionally, it was very draining. Firstly, you have the emotional baggage of the character, then you have the baggage of the actor like I need to fake myself as a doctor, I have to feel like a doctor. Also, I have to remember all terminologies and pronunciations. So, initially, it was very challenging to pull off the character.”

When asked about his return to the telly world, the actor stated, “When there is something really interesting that comes up, which is a limited series, I will definitely do it (on television). See, I am not from Mumbai and I don’t come from the fraternity. My relationship from day one has with the length. It’s always about me and the length, I have never really thought about which medium it is. I have never looked into mediums.”