Multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces


Multifunctional furniture is a good value addition to your home, whether it is a small space or a big one. Serving more than just one purpose, multifunctional furniture is a long term investment.

“Making furniture with multi purpose uses a part of your space is sure to raise the beauty bar of your home. It neglects the need of any of the extra furniture unless you want to add, and thus keeps your room appear spacious. The beauty of multifunctional furniture lies in the newness it brings to the space where it is added,” says Yash Kela, interior designer, Arrivae.

“Choosing furniture that maximises your available space does the trick. Choosing a multifunction item for each spot can create a lovely flair for the space,” adds Raghunandan Saraf, interior designer, Saraf Furniture.

Here is a list of some ideas that you can follow:

1. Use multifunction sofa cum bed.


2. Use the top of the coffee table to put on a decorative piece like a flower vase.


3. Use a study table cum book shelf which will make the space less cluttered.


4. Avoid bright colours and go for light coloured furniture as it significantly enhances the impression of a larger space.


5. Have an extendable dining table.


6. Have a convertible sleeper seat cum bed which suits as per your needs.


7. Have a side table with storage to lessen the clutter.