OPPO’s latest smartphone ready to introduce brand new dimension to fashion savvy customers’ lifestyles

Flair, urbanity, reliability and longevity are the appropriate terms to describe the F series of the leading smart device brand OPPO. Keeping that streak unbroken with mind-blowing design and an eye-catching Sunset Orange color, OPPO is set to elevate the lives of its customers in style with the upcoming F21 Pro! Combining innovative technology with creativity, the F21 Pro’s exceptional design complements the device’s top-notch performance in fashion and style.

Using eye-catching fiberglass leather design to highlight exceptional art on F21 Pro.

Commonly, the first thing to notice within any device is its design – how it looks in our hands. The F21 Pro will surely make a great impression, just in a glance! With the latest style and design technology, curated through the self-developed Fiberglass-Leather Design, this device is no less than an instant attention-grabber. The smart design also consists of a spliced camera design combined with a slimmer and lighter body, making it highly user-friendly and soothing to the eyes.