PM Modi launches vaccine drive in India, says those in need will get it first

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the COVID-19 drive nation-wide. This drive is considered the world’s largest vaccination program, aiming to vaccinate approximately 3 crore people during its first phase.

The drive has a total of 3006 vaccinate sites across the country. Around 100 beneficiaries are expected to be vaccinated at each site on the first day of the drive.

Here are the highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s speech.

  • The beginning of the vaccination drive shouldn’t mean that people stop following the COVID protocols of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. PM Modi used another slogan to further put across this point – Dawai Bhi, Kadaai Bhi. 
  • PM Modi mentioned, in his speech, the dilemma people had when they had to bid goodbyes to their loved ones without proper rituals. He spoke about mothers not being able to take care of their children and children not being able to take care of their elderly in the hospital.
  • The personal and social growth that took place during the last year was not kept away from the speech.
  • PM also spoke about the vastness of the drive. The drive is aiming to vaccinate 3 crore people in its first phase. Pm also added that he aims to take this number to 30 crores in the second phase of the vaccination drive.
  • PM has requested people to not take their masks off after the first dose of the vaccine, since the immunity starts building up after the second dose.
  • PM Modi congratulated all countrymen on the availability of the vaccine.
  • Usually, it takes years to make a vaccine. However, in such a short time, not one but two ‘Made In India’ vaccines are ready. Meanwhile, the work on the other vaccines is progressing at a fast pace: PM