Priyanka says her pet peeve is ‘when female characters are written as weak’

Priyanka Chopra has played some strong characters in her career on film and TV. From champion boxer Mary Kom to FBI agent Alex Parrish, she has played her portion of confident women. In a recent interaction, the actress admitted that roles where female characters are ‘diminished’ for being emotional is something she detests.

Priyanka was recently seen on screen in a small but important role in The Matrix Resurrections, where she portrayed a grown-up Sati. “It’s a pet peeve of mine when female characters are diminished, or they’re made emotional or they can’t make decisions because they’re emotionally marred versus the male characters,” she said to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interaction.

Talking to the publication for their Bold School series, Priyanka added that she has “fought that in many, many jobs that I’ve done over time.” She added that despite the fact that she is ok fighting it yet it remains her pet peeve when “female characters are written as weak because they’re female”.

The actress, however, emphasised that she enjoys fragility in her characters and likes to find strength in non-physical aspects.  “I like fragility. I like to find vulnerabilities in my characters, and I think there’s such a strength to accepting your vulnerabilities and being flawed and being ok with it,” she added.