Sonya Sharma unveils ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ – A musical odyssey of love and life

In a display of artistic versatility, the multitalented writer, singer and composer Sonya Sharma has recently released her latest creation, the music album ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka.’

The album, which features nine soul-stirring indie pop tracks, not only showcases Sonya’s melodious voice but also her prowess as a lyricist and composer, making it a testament to her boundless creativity.

‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ invites listeners on an emotional rollercoaster journey through the intricate pathways of the heart, artfully narrated in a poetic and melodious language. The album takes us through moments of pure elation to the depths of heart-wrenching sorrow, encapsulating the multifaceted essence of love and life within a single melodic voyage.

What sets ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ apart from the crowd is Sonya’s unique journey to the music industry. Having initially pursued a career in medicine in North India during her school and college years, she even worked as a clinician before deciding to chase her lifelong dream just two years ago. Throughout her transformation from a clinician to a musician, Sonya’s small and supportive family, including her husband and daughter, played an instrumental role in helping her achieve her dreams.

The album’s recording took place at various production houses, reflecting the dedication and hard work Sonya invested in crafting this musical endeavor. The nine indie-pop songs in ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ collectively narrate the journey of the heart in a poetic language, exploring the gamut of emotions from bliss to sorrow, and the intricacies of love in a single lifetime. The album is filled with melodies that soothe the soul.

You can listen to most of the songs here on Spotify:

The album begins with the poignant “Dil Jo Kahe Tera,” a song that resonates with anyone who has ever struggled to fulfill their dreams amidst the demands of family and career. The song “Kuch Tum Kuch Hum” enchants with its melodious romance, while the track “Badlav” delves into the desires and changes that shape our lives, and the grace of accepting them.

The next song “Dil Mera Kya Kehne Laga” is a peppy, fast-paced song that evokes the charm of 70s music, reminiscent of the legendary Shammi Kapoor’s era. While the next track, “Yeh Meri Hai Kahaani” is a melodious musical journey about dreams, “Tehra Sa Waqt” captures the poignant moments of life’s struggles. Finally, “Udta Parinda” takes the listener on a soaring flight of emotions.

DJ versions of “Dil Jo Kahe Tera” and “Dil Mera Kya Kehne Laga,” adding a dynamic twist to the album, will be coming up on YouTube soon, making this album a delightful musical journey from start to finish.

To sum it up, ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ is destined to capture the hearts of music lovers and connoisseurs alike, offering a unique blend of emotions and melodies that resonate with the essence of the human experience.