Space robot surgeon

Robots are becoming more and more popular today. They help us with house cleaning, we can make several operations with them, etc. We use them in different spheres. You can gamble on football betting odds and robots will be controlling all the situations around you. Digitalization is changing our world. New devices are great proof of that. Robotization can become even closer than we think as parts of our body. It does happen sometimes due to several complicated problems that might happen. But in the future, people who don’t wear robotic parts might be called the wrong people.

The surgeon robot Mira is planned to proceed to some tests in space on the International Space station in 2024. The creator of Mira is the Virtual Incision Corporation. The company signed a contract with NASA. The robot will be working under real doctor control from Earth. Its size is not that big. Its weight is less than 1 kilogram.


According to the moon program Artemis which NASA used to launch with a group of astronauts will be located on the moon. Also, they play to stay on the moon’s orbit for a long term. Though, their desire brought them lots of new problems that require the right solutions. One of those problems was medical help.

According to Virtual Incision Corporation, without the right surgeon with the group in orbit, the mission can become real trouble. Robot MIRA can work autonomously. Moreover, in some complicated cases, the doctor that will be controlling the robot will be able to solve them. The space mission should be done with zero casualties!


The first testing will be launched in 2024 at the space station. The robot will be doing some precise small operations on non-alive objects. As an example, it can cut the rudder using medical instruments. Such small operations can help to provide the right setting for MIRA.

In the future, MIRA will be used on Earth as well. If such a small robot will be able to cope with different complicated tasks then it will be useful in all hospitals in our world. Especially in countries where medical development is not as well organized as in China or the USA.

Space technologies are always testing all the best devices first. Then if they did their work well, it might be provided to the civilian world. That happened before and that might happen again. Robotization is an amazing sphere. We are looking forward to watching our world change.

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