The 5 Most Popular Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Right Now

Korean TV series hold a special place in the hearts of many people, particularly those who enjoy sweet love stories. In recent decades, however, a variety of South Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm. Korean TV series, whether dark thrillers, romantic comedies, action-packed shows, sitcoms, or historical dramas, are unquestionably unique. As a result, people are continuously looking for possibilities on the various streaming platforms that are available. Also, if you’re seeking for K-dramas on Amazon Prime, we have a list of great suggestions!


1. Queen and I (2012)


The relationship between actress Choi Hee-jin and time-traveling professor Kim Bung-do is central to the science-fiction drama. The former, who was born in the year 2012, is embarking on a bright career path. The scholar from the Joseon era, on the other hand, is the only surviving member of his family who was slaughtered in a violent bloodbath over political reasons. The show is entertaining to watch because of the numerous changes in locales and the lively chemistry between the main characters.


2. Oh My Ghost (2015)


‘Oh, My Ghost,’ another fantasy romantic drama, follows Na Bong-sun, a skilled sous chef who is self-conscious. But it’s her capacity to converse with ghosts that makes her truly unique. When a seductive spirit takes possession of Bong


body, sun’s her life takes an unexpected turn. Bong-new sun’s character has gotten a lot of attention, notably from her crush, celebrity chef Kang Sun-woo.


3. Playful Kiss (2010)


‘Playful Kiss’ (also known as ‘Mischievous Kiss’ or ‘Naughty Kiss’) is a romantic comedy television series based on Tada Kaoru’s Japanese manga ‘Itazura Na Kiss.’ It’s the manga’s third television adaptation. Despite low ratings in South Korea, the sitcom developed a strong fan base in other nations.


Oh Ha-ni is a down-on-her-luck girl who is nothing like her crush Baek Seung-jo, who is brilliant, confident, and popular. However, the former humiliates herself by penning a letter to Seung-jo. Furthermore, the house in which she and her father reside collapses. Seung-family jo’s invites them in and offers them a somewhere to stay, as if things weren’t already embarrassing enough. Things take an intriguing turn as Ha-ni and Seung-jo spend more time together.


4. A Witch’s Love (2014)


The love programme ‘A Witch’s Love’ is said to be a replica of the Taiwanese serial ‘My Queen.’ It centres on Ban Ji-yeon, a 39-year-old news reporter, and Yoon Dong-ha, the 25-year-old proprietor of a small errand centre. While Ji-yeon is a career-driven lady, Dong-ha appears to have lost his motivation and has put his professional objectives on hold owing to a personal tragedy. Their tragic pasts in their individual love lives are what binds them together. Despite the fact that they are diametrically opposed, they are drawn to each other.


5. Flower Boy Next Door (2013)


This romantic comedy-drama is based on Yoo Hyun-webtoon sook’s ‘I Steal Peeks at Him Every Day,’ and it concentrates on an unusual love triangle. Dok-mi is shy and reserved, and she dislikes leaving her house. She does, however, see Han Tae-joon, who lives across the street, one day. Dok-mi is unaware that another neighbour, Oh Jin-rak, a webtoon artist, has been in love with her for a long time while she develops affections for him. Jin-rak produces a webtoon for Dok-mi, which gives the series its name