The 7 Wealthiest Asian Actors in 2022


As you may know, Asia is made up of many different countries, but there are a few that are particularly well-known for their film industry, such as Japan, India, Thailand, and, of course, China. These countries not only have a thriving film industry, but they also boast some of the highest-paid actors in the world.


1. Huang Xiaoming


Net Worth: $80.000.000


Huang is presently worth around 80 million dollars, according to the most recent revenue statistics and reports. He is a model and a vocalist in addition to being a well-known celebrity. He has been in a variety of films and has served as a brand ambassador for several well-known multinational firms in China.




2. Andy Lau – Chinese


Net Worth: $70.000.000


Andy Lau, with a net worth of $70 million, is one of the wealthiest Asian artists on the list. He is one of Hong Kong’s most popular and well-known entertainers, and he is noted for playing a variety of roles in action films. “From Vegas to Macau II” is his most recent film, and if you haven’t seen it yet, now is an excellent time.




3. Ranbir Kapoor – Indian


Net Worth: $50.000.000


If you’re a Bollywood lover, you’ve probably heard of Ranbir, whose net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. He is a very new performer, having only debuted a few years ago. He is a member of the famed Kapoor family, known for their clout in the Bollywood business, which made it relatively easy for him to make a name for himself by demonstrating his acting abilities.




4. Jackie Chan – Chinese


Net Worth: $400.000.000


Jackie Chan is an Asian and Hollywood actor who is also the wealthiest of all Asian performers. I believe there is no need to introduce this incredible individual, especially because he is known by everyone on the planet. This Chinese actor is recognised for his action-comedy films, which frequently include his exceptional martial arts and comic skills. Jackie is also one of the few stuntmen in the industry who does all of his own work.




5. Salman Khan – Indian


Net Worth: $260.000.000


Khan is estimated to be worth roughly 260 million dollars and is currently one of Bollywood’s sweethearts. His debut picture was released in 1989, and he has since been in over 80 films throughout his career! He is a well-known artist who also has his own fashion line, “Being Human,” which is quite popular among India’s youth.




6. Chow Yun Fat – Chinese


Net Worth: $100.000.000


Chow, another character from the “From Vegas to Macao” franchise, is worth about $100 million. Although he has been in a large number of Hong Kong films – let me repeat that: A LARGE NUMBER – he can now also be seen in Hollywood films. In reality, most people’s favourite character is from “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” In Hong Kong, he is also the second highest-paid actor.




7. Shah Rukh Khan – Indian


Net Worth: $200.000.000


Shahrukh is the richest person in Bollywood, with a net worth of almost $200 million. He is India’s richest actor in terms of personal wealth. He also owns a stake in the Knight Kolkata Riders, an Indian Premier League cricket team. His supporters refer to him as King Khan all around the world.