The Top 5 Male Chinese Actors That You Should Know

1. XIAO Zhan (actor)


Xiao Zhan (Sean Xiao) has occupied the top three spots on the “Star Power List” for a long time. His face can be seen on posters in Chinese retail malls and even billboards in Chinatowns around the world, and his name routinely appears on Weibo’s popular topics lists. Xiao has a devoted following around the world thanks to his placement on the 2019 TCC Asia’s Most Handsome Faces in Asia list. Xiao, like Wang Yibo, began his career as a member of a boy band, in this case the Chinese group X Nine. In 2016, he played the lead in the online fantasy drama “Super Star Academy.”




2. WANG Yibo (actor/ singer/ dancer)


In 2020, Wang Yibo was one of China’s most popular actors. The Chinese government just named him as the ambassador for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Wang, like many of the other actors on the list, can sing and dance well. He debuted in the entertainment industry in 2014 as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band Uniq, and speaks Chinese and Korean well. Wang had been a TV host on the variety show “Day Day Up” since 2016Night 2021, before his breakout appearance on the historical xianxia drama series “The Untamed” in 2019.




3. ZHU Yilong (actor)


Zhu Yilong rose to prominence after starring in the romantic drama “Love For Three Lifetimes” (2014), which was set during the Republican era (1912-1949). He also sung the series’ theme song, “Heng Xing,” as the leader of an affluent family. Later that year, at the Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony, he received the “Most Anticipated Actor Award” for his performance. Zhu participated in the fantasy web drama “Guardian” in 2018, portraying three distinct characters: a soft-spoken professor, a boss who only comes at night, and a menacing adversary.




4. REN Jialun (actor)


A vocalist who can’t play tennis isn’t going to be a good actor. Ren Jialun’s experience can be summed up in one phrase. Ren, who was born in 1989, was a professional tennis player who trained with Olympic competitors before retiring due to injury. He competed in Hunan TV’s “Super Boy” singing competition before making his acting debut in the xianxia series “Nobel Aspirations” (Qing Yun Zhi), in which Li Yifeng starred. Ren rose to prominence after starring as the impassioned King of Quang Binh in the 2017 historical drama series “The Glory of Tang Dynasty.”




5. DENG Lun (actor)


Deng Lun (Allen Deng), a graduate of Shanghai Theatre Academy, rose to prominence in 2018 for his portrayal as the Heavenly Realm’s eldest prince, Xu Feng, in the fantasy romance drama “Ashes of Love.” The show’s ratings skyrocketed after it debuted on Jiangsu TV, and it was the highest-rated show of the 2018 peak summer viewing season. Deng Lun co-starred in the show for the third time with award-winning actress Yang Zi. Prior to “Ashes of Love,” they starred in the 2013 successful romance drama “Flowers in Fog,” which was based on the novel by popular romance author Qiong Yao.