The Top 7 Must-Watch Japanese Dramas


1. Hana Yori Dango, (2005)


Hana Yori Dango takes the top slot to begin this list. This drama is regarded as a classic not only in Japan but throughout the world. When it was first released in 2005, it captivated the hearts of many romantics and even inspired the Korean and Chinese translations ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Meteor Garden.’


It stars four attractive students who were born into wealthy homes. They are the alpha men at their schools, and they demonstrate their power by intimidating others and flaunting their money. Enter their most recent victim, a regular girl with a powerful but humble attitude who has a disagreement with the leader. There will be mishaps, misunderstandings, and romance. Everything else is history!


2. The Absolute Boyfriend (2008)


Android dramas are growing increasingly popular in recent years. Technology continues to demonstrate that there are no limits. Absolute Boyfriend, on the other hand, was one of the first android romantic dramas back in 2008. It was a big success! It was so popular that it inspired the creation of several other dramas, including ‘Are You Human Too?’


The story follows Riiko, a single woman who has had little luck finding love. She orders a ‘lover’ on the spur of the moment, but is taken aback when a humanoid robot shows up on her doorstep the next day.




3. Great Teacher Onizuka




Excellent Instructor Onizuka is unquestionably one of the best drama adaptations of the same-named anime. It tells the narrative of Onizuka Eikichi, a legendary gang member who works part-time as a gardener at a school.




However, a situation happened in which he was obliged to become the class advisor for the school’s most troublesome class. There’s a lot of fun and a lot of trouble, but in the end, it’s one of the best comedies/feel-good dramas out there.


4. Gokusen (2002)




Gokusen is a classic that never gets old. It’s a light drama for individuals who don’t want to be emotionally or intellectually immersed in a drama.The plot of this drama follows an aspiring teacher who is assigned to a difficult class, similar to the last drama.


Kumiko struggles at first to earn respect and control over her classmates, but she finally overcomes the barrier and bonds with them. The plot twist is that she is the heir to a yakuza group!




5. Million Yen Women (2017)


This drama is one of the newest additions to the list, but it left a lasting impression!


The plot is incredibly unusual, which is probably why so many people became obsessed with the show. It’s about a struggling author who accepts money from five women to help him pay his bills. These women are as mysterious as they come, but he is unable to question them or their lifestyle as part of their agreement forhim to take their money.


The plot also includes a murder mystery, so you’ll have to watch it all the way to the conclusion to figure out all the twists.


6. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (2018)




This drama is the fifth remake of the original anime, but it’s every bit as amazing as the others. In reality, it forged its own route and earned a reputation for having the strongest humorous appeal.


It follows the life of Kotoko Aihara, who is self-conscious about her appearance and isn’t an A-grade student. She is, however, in love with Naoki Irie, who is well-known, extremely intelligent, and extremely attractive.


When Kotoko ends up living with Naoki and breaks down his boundaries, the story is full of amusing and heartwarming events.


7. One Litre of Tears (2005)




If the previous drama was lighthearted, this one is the polar opposite. Prepare tissues because this drama will tug at your heartstrings in ways you never imagined.


One Liter of Tears is based on the true tale of Aya Kito, a happy teenager who was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration. It’s an illness that gradually weakened her movements until she couldn’t move at all. The story follows her from the moment she is diagnosed till she loses control of her body.


The storyline is sad, and you will almost certainly cry after each episode, so be prepared! This is one of those lighter dramas that you’ll fall in love with right away and want to binge watch. It’s a must-see for all romantics out there!