Top 5 Highest Paid Korean Actors: 2022 Updated

There is a widespread misperception in Korea that movie stars are the wealthiest. Even still, Korean dramatisations produce some of the country’s highest-paid actors. Our ranking of the wealthiest Korean drama actors of all time will undoubtedly alter public perceptions of the genre. Korean dramatisations are becoming more popular these days, and streaming platforms such as Netflix have previously supported some of the best Korean dramatisations.


Suckers for Korean dramatisations can’t get enough of them these days, and it’s not uncommon to watch an entire series in a single weekend. Over the years, there have been countless successful Korean dramatisations that have resulted in favourable conditions for major Korean networks such as SBS and others.



1. Kim Soo Hyun – He’s arguably the most well-known actor in the highest-paid record and a South Korean actor, best known for his roles in television dramas such as Dream Inordinate and occasion Highest Paid Korean Actors.


My love from the star (2012), moon embracing the solar (2012), and many more. Kim set the highest Forbes Korea energy megastar record in 2013, settling in fourth place in 2014 and improving to second place in 2015. He is compensated in US dollars for each event.


2. Hyun Bin – He’s a well-known South Korean actor who rose to prominence for his roles in romantic comedy television dramatisations. Kim-Sam-Son is my name. After securing its presence, he went on to work on a variety of television shows, including the romantic series Secret Garden (2010), Reminiscences of the Alhambra and romantic drama collide with you. Highest Paid Korean Actors is paid USD per performance.


3. Min Ho Lee – He is a well-known actor in the South Korean film industry, well recognised for his megahit and well-known veritably good performance in the internet series and the additional film industry.


He achieved worldwide acclaim in South Korea and other Asian countries. He was nominated for one of the stylish actor categories at the 45th Baeksang trades awards for his work in “boys Over Flowers (2009). In the television internet series ” private style “, megalopolis huntsman,” he played a stir idol role.

4. Jo In-Sung – is a Korean actor best known for his role in the television series Places, which took place in Bali’. He has appeared in a number of films, including the opening, a dreadful festival, a frozen flower, the king, and the good war.

He won one of the fashionable movie actor awards for the good struggle stir filmland because of their efficiency. Within the diurnal, he received 67100 USD.


5. So Ji-sub is one of the busiest K-Drama performers in the industry. His roles in Korean dramas span decades. He has starred in a number of megahit Korean dramas, including I’m Sorry I Love You, Commodity Happened in Bali, and Master’s Sun.


Ji-sub began his career as a denim model, but he quickly rose to become a maestro of Korean psychodrama. In 2020, he made headlines by marrying a 26-year-older reporter and donating $ to depressed children to commemorate the event.


Due to his unmanly side, he has been dubbed the ” Icon of Consideration.” What’s not to like about So Ji-sub? His most recent role is in the Korean drama Doctor Lawyer Highest Paid Korean Actors, which will premiere in 2022.