World Health Day 2022: How healthy cookware can boost nutritional content in food

Just the way one is conscious about eating the right food and exercising regularly; one must think about using the right type of cookware. Premium quality cookware made from health-focused materials will be able to cook better dishes and lock food nutrients relatively more than the local aluminium or cheap non-stick utensils. Cast iron or iron cookware, copper, bronze and brass utensils are some of the great choices under healthy cookware.

Cast Iron and Iron Cookware

Cast iron and iron cookware are generally ideal for slow cooking. This feature helps in releasing iron in your meals and assuring amazing outcomes. Even heating is possible with such cookware, which helps to maintain food nutrients and enhance the flavour of any dish.


Clay Cookware

Clay cookware is chemical-free, food-safe and thus, healthful. Clay/terracotta cookware will organically add nutrients to your food and give it a nice earthy flavour. Rice, meat, vegetables or traditional cuisines that require a longer cooking time can provide tasty results when prepared in clay or terracotta utensils.

Copper Utensils

Copper utensils have some great health benefits. Copper jugs, water bottles and dispensers are beneficial in cleansing drinking water by destroying harmful bacteria. Water stored in copper vessels is supposed to help with indigestion, irritation and stomach infection. Thereby, it’s easy to see why copperware is a superior option than plastic utensils or water cans.

Other cookware

Cookware made from natural materials like bronze and brass are beneficial in releasing a little amount of such metals while cooking. Similarly, wooden items like chopping boards, bowls, spatulas, etc., are generally handcrafted using neem or mango wood. Since they are made from natural material, these products are totally safe for preparing food.