Zayed Khan thanks Hrithik Roshan

A “transformative journey” of Zayed khan, who has been MIA for a long time now, made his absence by sharing some pictures on Instagram this Monday.

He thanked his former brother in law and actor Hrithik Roshan in the post, referring to him as a “mentor.”


The actor, who intend to make a comeback in the Hindi film industry, wrote in his caption that he is “finally taking my journey as an actor to the next level” and that he missed it.


He began the note with these words: “Hello People, the resurrection took time but in the bargain taught me so much about self belief , hard work, razor focus and that love in all its forms is around you. All you have to do is reach out and perceive and it will be yours.”


Every 5 days I will share a new array of pictures that exposes the transformed ‘Zayed Khan’.”


Acknowledgements were in order for his family members, friends. Zayed wrote: “I have a lot of people to thank during this transformative journey. Starting with my wife Malaika, my parents Sanjay Khan, Zarine Khan my sisters Farah Khan Ali, Sussanne Khan, Simone, a brother and a mentor Hrithik Roshan, Satya Barbarian Fitness (he truly metamorphosed my body and I owe him a special thanks). And last but not least my kiddos Zidaan and Aariz who are my honest sounding boards. Stay blessed and strive for simple happiness the rest will follow.”