5 showstopper eye makeup looks that ruled the runway at Lakme Fashion Week 2022

Setting beauty trends on the runway this year was the Backstage Heroes from Lakmé Salon & Academy. From smattering of colours to Swarovski crystals, this year FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week saw them collaborate with leading and new-age designers and create trendy looks on the runway.

Speaking about the looks that ruled the runway this year, Anupma Katyal, National Creative Director – Makeup, Lakme Salon, says, “This year, we pushed the boundaries and experimented with various components, such as pearls, Swarovski crystals and glitter in different spots, like the under eye, side forehead, and brow line. The eyes were also given a lot of attention. From a smattering of colours with no defined lines to playing with the water line and using natural brow augmentation instead of artificial mascaras, giving the eyes a graphical and structured look.”

Another exciting aspect on the runway was creating gender-neutral makeup on the models. “It’s a refreshing change to see males wearing eye makeup and gloss with such ease. Overall, the makeup collection covered everything from ultra-minimal to over-the-top maximal looks, from powerful coloured brows and vivid eyeshadow hues to strong, bold and standout, glass skin, experimental glitter eye makeup, and more,” adds Anupma.


The sunset look features a warm eye shadow for which it is required to keep the skin plain and natural without too much concealing tone to tone. Avoid using false eye lashes instead use a mascara and lash curler. Use the same eyeshadow and blend it with a fluffy brush on the waterline so it adds more intensity to the look. 


A red liner and eye shadow is going to be a rage this season which features a winged liner. Then another half line over the crease area and little hearts are created. Drawing the hearts will require a lot of practice. Add some red glitter to enhance the hearts.

For the luminous look, over the skin base, use the gloss to give a watery effect on the eyelid. You can also use it on the cheekbones to give it a glass look finish.

For the line breaker look, Mix blue and green to get this colour. To have this look, just below the eyebrows draw a straight line. Draw it a little thick so it is visible. You can also experiment with these looks in various colours including gold, silver, green, blue, and white.

Lastly, to attain the pearl look, opt for pearl bindis and stick it on the eyelid. Depending on the shape of your eyes you can create a cluster of pearls to get your desired look.