Aim to become world’s largest IT company: TCS Chief

India’s largest software exporter TCS on Friday said that it envisions to become the topmost IT services company in the world, asserting that it does not “fear” its large-scale operation is hindering the firm’s ambitions.

Speaking at a business conclave TCS Chief Executive and Managing Director Rajesh Gopinathan said there is no reason for the company not to aspire to double, triple or quadruple the revenues from the current levels.

The company has $25 billion in revenues and 6 lakh employees on its payroll.

“Absolutely, in many ways we already are,” Mr Gopinathan said, without giving a timeline, while answering a question on whether he sees TCS becoming the largest IT company in the world.

He said the company, which is the biggest IT services provider to the banking, financial services and insurance sector, comes a close second on employee count and has had  topped the global market capitalisation tables as well.

“Today we are $25 billion in size. There are many companies which are $50, $100 billion in size. There is no reason we shouldn’t aspire to be double, triple, quadruple of the size we are today. The question is how do we go about it, what should we do right towards it? But the opportunity is unbounded. Both on demand and supply side we are sitting in a sweet spot,” he said.


“Our aspiration in no way should be constrained to where we are today, we should be aspiring to set new standards and we are far away from where the current standards itself are. (There is) huge headroom to still go forward,” Mr Gopinathan added.