Five female winners who have won Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis competition, according to Wikipedia.

The game has been played on grass since 1877, and it is the only major championship game currently played on grass. Wimbledon has seen several outstanding players over its history.

As a result, numerous outstanding female tennis players have graced the sporting tournament. But how many of those female players have been able to win the title multiple times?


1. Martina Navratilova

Country: USA

Martina Navratilova is the number one female tennis player with the most Wimbledon titles. She is a former professional tennis player from Czechoslovakia. Navratilova is largely considered to be the greatest tennis player ever.

Navratilova began playing tennis at the age of seven and won the Czechoslovakia national championship at the age of fifteen. The next year, she made her debut in the United States Lawn Tennis Association.

Navratilova won her first professional singles championship in 1974. She won 18 Grand Slam singles titles after turning professional. She also won 31 major women’s doubles championships and 10 major mixed doubles championships.

At the age of 18, Navratilova’s Czechoslovak citizenship was revoked. She then requested political asylum in the United States, which she received in 1981.

For 332 weeks in singles and 237 weeks in doubles, she was the WTA world No. 1. Navratilova is the first player in history to have held the number one spot in singles and doubles for more than 200 weeks.


2. Helen Wills Moody

Country: USA

Helen Wills Moody is the second most successful female Wimbledon champion. Helen Newington Wills was born on October 6, 1905, but she was better known by her married name Helen Wills Moody.

After seeing demonstration matches with well-known Californian players, Moody became interested in tennis. She then became a junior member of the Berkeley Tennis Club in 1919.

She competed in her first tournament at the California State Championships when she was 13 years old. Despite losing the game, Moody finished the year as the seventh best junior player in California.

In the 1922 Pacific Coast Championships, Moody won her maiden singles title. Moody went on to win 31 Grand Slam trophies during her career, including 19 singles titles.


3. Dorothea Lambert Chambers

Country: United Kingdom


Dorothea Lambert Chambers was an English tennis player who shared seven Wimbledon titles with Steffi Graf. On September 3, 1878, she was born.

In 1900, she made her singles debut at Wimbledon. In 1903, Chambers won her maiden Wimbledon title. Then, in 1908, she won gold in the women’s singles event at the Summer Olympics.

She became the first female player to win a Grand Slam singles final without losing a game after winning Wimbledon in 1911. Similarly, in 1919, Chambers played the longest Wimbledon final ever.


4. Steffi Graf

Country: Germany

Steffi Graf, a German tennis player, is the next female tennis player on our list of most Wimbledon titles won by women. She was born on June 14, 1969, and she has seven Wimbledon titles, tied with Serena Williams.

Graf earned her senior debut after an excellent junior career. She competed in her first professional event in 1982. Graf’s Grand Slam breakthrough, however, came in 1987. She went to the French Open after winning six tournaments.

Graf held the world No. 1 singles ranking for a record 377 weeks. It is the longest time any tennis player, male or female, has held the No. 1 ranking in singles. Similarly, she won 107 singles titles over her playing career.


5. Serena Williams

Country: USA

Serena Williams is the female winner of the fifth most Wimbledon titles. She is largely considered as one of the all-time great tennis players. Too far, she has won seven Wimbledon titles.

Serena Williams, the younger sister of Venus Williams, attended a tennis academy before turning pro at the age of 14. At the 1998 Open Gaz de France, she won her maiden professional singles titles.

Williams was the world No. 1 in singles eight times between 2002 and 2017. She is also the only American to have won more than 20 major titles.