Here are 5 ways to track weight loss without using a weighing machine

In an Instagram post, nutritionist Lovneet Batra has talked about five ways to track your weight loss. And the best part is that you don’t need a scale to do it.

She captioned the post as “As long as the number on the scale is dropping, you tend to feel motivated. But there can be demotivating times when you’re unable to track progress on the scale. These are the signs that will tell you that you are on the right path.”

Here are 5 ways to track your weight loss without using a weighing machine:

1. You don’t get hunger pangs or cravings

This could be a good sign for those who have a sweet tooth or keep feeling hungry all the time. Well, if your diet includes the proper amount of fibre, healthy fats, and proteins, they send a satisfaction signal to your brain so, you feel full for long hours. This will prevent you from eating on unhealthy stuff frequently. Also, this kind of signal isn’t sent to the brain when you consume unhealthy food.

2. You feel energetic

Some diet transformations can bring positive results as far as your energy levels are concerned if you’ve been feeling sluggish for a while now. So, if you are feeling energetic throughout the day, it could be a sign that you’re successfully balancing your blood sugar levels.

3. Your clothes start fitting better

Your clothes fitting you properly is a clear sign that you are losing some weight. There may be times when you don’t make progress on the weighing scale but slowly, you are losing inches. This is in fact one of the best signs of victory during your weight loss journey. It signifies a positive change in body composition.

4. Your digestion improves

If you observe that your digestion is improving day by day, this means you are walking on the path to success. When you get healthier, you do so from the inside out and better digestion is an indication that the healthier diet you’ve adopted is working in your favour.

5. Your skin and hair get better

Be careful, hyperpigmentation, acne or hair fall could be a sign of imbalance or inflammation in the body. Therefore, eating a healthy and balanced diet, staying well-hydrated all through and sleeping enough will show a positive effect on your skin and hair.