Here are some quick exercises to make a part of your routine for weight loss

The very first thing to do when aiming to lose weight is to exercise. While this is a known fact, what becomes confusing is knowing which exercises to include in our daily routine to make weight loss faster and effective. In order to help you out, we have put together a few such exercises that should be a part of one’s everyday exercise routine to lose weight the best way possible.

Here are 7 exercises to make a part of your daily exercise routine in order to lose that extra fat.

1. The one hundred (Pilates variation)

A Pilates routine is an incredible way to work on your entire body while strengthing your core. The one hundred helps you do just that. It’s quite simple. Just lay on your back, suspend your arms and legs in the air to create a V structure, and flap your arms in the air, by your side. Take care that you don’t touch the floor and you’ll be good.


2. Burpees

While it is one of the most basic exercises, it is one of the most effective ones too, especially for losing belly fat. It makes sure to work your entire body and helps in fat burning.


3. Side-plank leg raise

For this, you need to be in a sideward plank position and place your free hand on your hip. All you have to do is extend your leg upwards and feel the strain on your hips, quads, and glutes. This exercise is essential to reduce belly fat and tone the butt too.


4. Cardio

Every form of cardio is recommended to burn that extra fat. While it can be done at any time of the day, an empty-stomach morning cardio session is the recommended way to go, followed by a healthy breakfast.


5. Rope Skips

This is most effective when done at the beginning of your workout session. A 150-200 rope skips, depending on your preferred intensity, is the way to have a great warm-up and break that sweat.


6. Explosive lunges

Doing a few of these at the end of your workout will be enough, especially if you are a beginner. All you have to do is to put both your feet together, get into a forward lunge position. Make sure that your back knee is touching the ground. Now, jump and switch the legs mid-air. It is just that simple.


8. Knee to palm touches

For this one, you need to position your hands next to your chest, with your palms facing downwards. Raise your legs one-by-one and touch your knees to your palms. You can start with a 2-minute set, and increase your pace and time as the sets progress. The recommended amount is at least 3 sets per session.