Sangram Singh On Girlfriend Payal Rohatgi’s Confession: “Big Deal If She Can’t Conceive”

In one of the episodes of Lock Upp, Payal Rohatgi confessed that she can’t have kids. Now, her boyfriend Sangram Singh, in an interview with Etimes, has talked about the confession. He called Payal a “brave girl” and said that he is proud of her. Sangram added, “Yes, her IV failed and the doctors told her that she won’t be able to conceive. But, so what? What is most important is that we love each other as we are. Tomorrow, the same problem I could have had; maybe I was unable to produce kids. Would Payal have left me then? Certainly not. Yes, she did tell me that I should start looking for someone else to marry and have kids of my own, but I could only laugh at what she suggested. We are together and we shall remain together forever.”


During the episode, Payal had said, “I can’t have kids. Maine socha hum shaadi tab karege, when I can get pregnant (I thought we will get married when I can get pregnant). So, I have to be fit mentally and physically, concentrate on acting and go on with life. It’s okay to not get pregnant. 4-5 saal se hum log try kar rahe hai, nhi ho raha (We have been trying for 4-5 years, but it’s not happening). So now, Sangram has to figure it and I think he has figured it out that I can’t get pregnant.


During the interview, when Sangram Singh was asked about opting for surrogacy, he said that that’s the second option. “That’s only if we don’t go in for adoption,” added Sangram.