11 must have whiskies that will cost you less than Rs. 10,000


COVID-19 has taken over lives in the past year and has made it extremely difficult to wind down and relax. One of the best ways to loosen up during this tough time is have a delightful drink of whiskey that is both- good and not so expensive. Here’s a list of whiskies to wash away all of the stress and worry with, and are all under ₹10,000!

  1. Aberlour 12 Year Old

This Speyside single malt is one of the best ones around, especially at this price. It is a mixture of the traditional sherry and oak casks that is matured for 12 years. It is both rich and fruity, with a smooth velvety texture. This drink sure does feel like Christmas in the mouth, and only costs ₹7,500.

  1. Akashi Toji

This unusual Japanese whiskey is the only one made by Toji using the sake-making methodology. It is a five-year-old whiskey that is oh-so-smooth with tones of honey, oaks, chocolates, and dried fruit. This delicious drink costs about ₹ 7,500.

  1. The Ardmore Legacy

This Highland Scotch was released in 2014 and has replaced Ardmore Traditional. It has a light-peated, wood spice-led flavor and known for the distinct eagle on its bottle. The Ardmore Legacy is perfect for an introduction to peated Scotch, with a price of ₹ 6,500.

  1. Balvenie 12 Year Old, Double Wood

This Speyside single malt is one of the classic after-dinner malts with extra complexity and richness that comes from a second maturation of fresh sherry casks. It is loved for the hints of black pepper, fruit, and cinnamon that gives it a spicy yet sweet finish. It has a price of ₹ 8,300.

  1. Brenne French 10 Year Old

This French single malt is known for being aged in French Limousin oak, after which it is aged in Cognac barrels. The drink is as high on taste as it is low on the aroma. It comes with a hint of fruit and hay and costs ₹9,900.

  1. Buffalo Trace

New to the Indian market, this bourbon whiskey is from Kentucky. It has hints of brown sugar with spice, vanilla, and toffee, which comes from its aging in new charred oak barrels. This whiskey is famous for its smooth finish and comes at a price of ₹6,000.

  1. Dewars 15 Years

This 15-year-old blended Scotch whiskey is mellow, with hints of honey and toffee. It has an almost perfect balance of sherried spices, nutty element,s and apple skin. With a finish of sweet dried fruit notes mixed with a touch of grassiness, this whiskey costs ₹6,500.

  1. Glenmorangie The Original

The Original sets the bar for Highland whiskies quite high. This drink is medium-bodied and gently warmed. It consists of pleasant spicy notes. This ₹7,426 whiskey is a balance of both the experimental and the expected.

  1. Jura 10 Year Old

This 10-year-old whiskey is aged in American white oak bourbon barrels, after which its finish period is spent in Oloroso sherry butt. With the subtle smoke characteristic of Jura’s Island single malts, this drink has robust vanilla and an intense kick of sherried sweetness. It comes at a price of ₹7,490.

  1. Scapa Glansa

This single malt is matured in an American oak cask and is finished in casks that previously held smokey, peated whiskey, giving it a smokey and fruity taste. It costs ₹8,500.

  1. Talisker 10 Year Old

This assertive, powerful dram is a massive success. It is distilled on the Skye of Isle and is aged for a minimum of 10 years in an American oak cask. It has a thick, pungent smokey smell mixed with sweet pear and apple peels. It comes with a long finish of toast malt and crystallize sugary underlay. It is the perfect drink for people who love a smokey drink with briny flavors. It comes at a price of ₹7,250.