Apps one should avoid downloading on Android phones to prevent getting scammed

One of the biggest problems for internet users nowadays has become customer care scams. The majority of the cases have the customer calling a customer care number they find on the internet to seek help. However, the problem with this comes when the numbers on the internet are those of scammers who use remote mobile apps to mirror the user’s entire screen and ends up secretly recording sensitive information.

What is important is to know is that the apps themselves aren’t malware. It is the lack of digital knowledge that lands users in trouble and hence, they become victims of such scams.

We have a list of such apps that one should beware of and avoid installing on their phones:

TeamViewer QuickSupport

This app is very commonly used by IT managers to control mobile phones and PCs remotely. There’s no doubt that it is a very useful tool, however, one shouldn’t download it unless they know how to use it. It is one of the most frequently used apps for stealing bank login and OTP information.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The app essentially lets users connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and it extremely helpful. However, it is also a very useful tool for scammers, especially if the victim doesn’t know how the app works.

AnyDesk Remote Control

While the app is one of the most sort-after ones for business users, it is also the most common app victims are asked to download by scammers. One should steer clear of this app if they don’t understand it’s working.

AirDroid: Remote access and File

Users should stay away from this app, too, to not become a victim of scams.

AirMirror: Remote support and Remote control devices

AirMirror allows you to access your phone from your PC anywhere. You should avoid downloading this app if asked to unless you know how it works.

Chrome Remote Desktop

While this app by Google can be useful, it can also be dangerous and can cause people to share sensitive details.


Splashtop Personal- Remote Desktop

This is another one of the apps that can get you scammed unless you’re aware of it.