Benefits and adverse effects of honey

Honey is a full of nutrients food item. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, who keeps sharing health-related information and tips on her Instagram profile on a regular basis, shared her insights on consumption of honey and when to avoid consuming it as well. Anjali, with a short video, spoke about the health benefits of honey and when it should not be consumed.

“One tablespoon of honey provides about 60 calories. Consuming it occasionally will not make you gain weight. But if you consume large amounts of honey in a day, you may gain weight. It will also slow down your weight loss and increase blood sugar. It may prevent you from reaching your target weight,” wrote Anjali on her caption. She also pointed out that honey can be consumed on a daily basis only if the person is leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, not overweight or diabetic. In case any of the condition is not applicable for the person, then they should avoid consuming honey as it may affect weight loss and not allow them to reach their weight target.

Honey, rich in health-promoting plant compounds, is rich in antioxidants. It is also better for the blood sugar of the body in comparison to the consumption of normal sugar. However, it is recommended by nutritionists for obese and pre-diabetic people to also avoid honey as it may affect the body adversely.