ICC Rankings of the Top 5 Best Cricket Teams

Cricket, which is popular in many Asian and European countries, has been stealing the thunder of other sports for years. Its origins may be traced back to the 16th century in England, and it became the country’s national sport only two centuries later.

It has been played all over the world since then. The International Cricket Council has been actively involved in the organisation of many national and international matches. It hosts world cup matches, test match series, one-day international matches, and presently twenty-two matches between countries.



For many years, the Australian Cricket Team has worn the Crown of Cricket Empire. It is often recognised as the world’s best cricket squad. This team set a World Cup record by winning 34 consecutive games in 2011.

This team has won about 537 of the 869 ODI matches it has played, with considerable triumphs over its opponents. It is ranked #1 not only in the ODI but also in the test series.



The ICC has New Zealand’s national cricket side, the Black Caps, placed second. This team’s ODI journey began in 1972, with its debut match against Pakistan.

It has been steadily climbing the ladder of prosperity since then. The squad reached the final of the 2015 World Cup and finished second in the event.



The Indian cricket team is resting in the top three positions at the ICC ranking for ODI matches, whereas for T20 it has got the 1st position and for test matches, this team maintained its position at second. This team has a combination of various talented players working great under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. Initially, the Indian national team was quite weaker, but it gained much strength since the 1970s. The team managed to achieve World Cup twice in history. The Indian cricket team is currently ranked in the top three positions in the ICC rankings for ODI matches, first in T20 matches, and second in test matches. Under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, this team consists of a diverse group of excellent players.

The Indian national team was once relatively weak, but it has steadily improved since the 1970s. In history, the team has won the World Cup twice.



With its consistently excellent performance in cricket history, South Africa has retained its position in the ICC rankings. It is ranked number four among the top ten best cricket teams in the world.

It has played 547 One-Day International matches, winning 337 of them. It has remained at the top of the standings for all categories, but this year it has slipped to fourth place with a small difference in total points.



Sri Lanka’s cricket squad is known as the Lions because of their outstanding performance. It is now ranked fifth among the top ten best cricket teams in the world.

This squad began playing international one-day internationals in 1926 and quickly rose to prominence in the 1990s, winning its first world cup in cricket history in 1996. The team has also created a reputation for itself by winning the World Cup T20 in 2014.