Neymar’s first half goal makes all the difference for PSG

Paris Saint-Germain was against Marseille FC on Sunday night, 16th October in Parc des Princes. The ‘Le Classique’ was very joyful to watch for the fans. Despite a single goal scored in this game but it was indeed thriller. As both the teams are old rivals in the Ligue 1, the game between PSG and Marseille are called as ‘Le Classique’.

Looking at the stats, both the teams were equal in the game. They nearly had the same percentage of possession on the ball. They did the same number of passes in the game but the only difference was Neymar’s first half goal which gave three points to PSG and no points to Marseille.

Neymar who was on headlines this week for the accusations of misconduct during his transfer from Brazilian club to FC Barcelona in 2013 scored an amazing goal. Marseille made a mistake and Mbappe centres the ball before passing it to Neymar who had a wonderful finish in the end.

Lionel Messi also had a chance in the first half from the free-kick to make it 1-0 but the ball hit the inner bar and was cleared by Marseille’s defender.