Ravi Shastri advices Indian team to focus on one thing from the beginning

Former Indian cricketer Ravi Shastri keeps making comments and statements regarding improvement in the Indian cricket team and now he has gave an advice to Indian cricket team ahead of the T20 World Cup. Ravi Shastri feels Indian cricket team need to focus on their fielding from the start of the competition.

The Indian commentator feels fielding is very important if the team needs to go higher in the competition. Indian team’s fielding is not up to the mark in these past few months. After the IPL 2022, the fans and the coaches are concerned about India’s bowling and fielding.

Indian cricket team were one of the best fielding sides earlier but the scenario has changed now and Ravi Shastri feels the fielding is the first thing they should focus on in the T20 World Cup.

“One area India will have to pick up and start right from the beginning is fielding. Those 15-20 runs you save will make all the difference because otherwise every time you go out to bat, you will have to get those extra runs,” said Ravi Shastri at the Mumbai Press club.

Former Indian cricketer Ravi Shastri also thinks Sri Lanka won the recent Asia Cup 2022 because of their good fielding.