WhatsApp updates voice messages with out of chat playback, ability to pick up messages where you left off

WhatsApp announced on Wednesday a series of updates for voice messages to make it more convenient for people to communicate with their contacts on the platform using voice notes. The updates include features like the ability to pause and resume voice message recordings, waveform visualisation, out of chat playback, and draft preview that were already available to some users. WhatsApp has also introduced a remember playback feature as fast playback on forwarded voice messages. In addition to the feature updates, WhatsApp declared that its users every day send seven billion voice messages on an average.

One of the most useful additions that WhatsApp has introduced as a part of its voice message-focused updates is the out of chat playback feature. It lets you listen to your voice messages outside of the chat so you can multitask or read and respond to other chats on the app at the same time. Your active voice message will, though, not run in the background if you leave WhatsApp or switch to a different app.

The feature, which was initially referred to as a global voice message player, was initially spotted in testing among iOS beta testers in January. It was rolled out to some iPhone users as well last month. The feature was also recently spotted in development for desktop users.